Increase Your Coaching Confidence,

Client Impact & Business Results

Helping Faith-Driven Coaches Embody Their Callings & Succeed

– In The Marketplace & Beyond.

Learn a Proven Framework

Gain a Common Language

Achieve Results Faster

Grow the Client Impact & Business You Desire

by becoming a COSMO Certified Leadership Coach!

As faith-driven coaches, we want to lead ourselves and our businesses more effectively while helping clients succeed, and it’s painful when we don’t.

Many Coaches Struggle To Succeed Because They …

  • Struggle to communicate the value of their coaching
  • Lack confidence and fear failure
  • Need training and support from
    a community
    • Don’t have a proven, strategic process to help clients get clear and execute
    • Get stuck or lost in conversations
    • Don’t know how to stand out from
      other coaches

    Become a guide with a plan.
    Having a proven framework can remove the ambiguity from coaching. You and your clients will share a common language and increased confidence, joy, and peace.


    As A COSMO Certified Leadership Coach You’ll Gain…


    • A common language for you and your clients – they’ll go further, faster
    • Tools to communicate the value of your coaching
    • Increased client conversions and lengthened coaching engagements
    • A proven process to help your clients gain insights and execute
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    • Practical tools you and your client can use everyday
    • Framework to help you strategize and execute business growth
    • Ability to never get lost or stuck a coaching conversation
    • A learning community committed to supporting one another

    When you have a proven method for boosting client impact and business revenue, your own sense of confidence, joy, and peace grows.

    Use The COSMO Advantage To Work

    IN Your Business & ON Your Business


    “I LOVE COSMO! It’s a simple way to help my clients get clear, take action, and achieve results! Once you start seeing the world through the COSMO lens, everything changes and you will never go back!”

    James Madison

    CEO of On Purpose Life


    “COSMO training 10-20x’d my investment and results in my business. For all coaches, leaders, business owners and managers, COSMO is a solid way of thinking in regard to almost any issue.”

    Bill Mason

    PCC & Executive Coach


    As A COSMO Certified Coach, You’ll Also Get…

    Experiential Professional Development & Materials

    • 27 COSMO illustrations to use with individuals and teams
    • Tools your clients can use use everyday – in business and life
    • Course facilitation designed according best practices
      for adult learning
    • Learning Journal to track the insights and skills you are applying
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    • Community of coaches so you never feel alone
    • Neuroscience principles to grow your and and your client’s emotional intelligence and resilience
    • 2 course manuals (more than 450 pages)
      – Filled with case studies
      – Personal applications to help embed learnings
    • Electronic COSMO Goal Tracker to plan and execute your personal goals, and to become a more effective coach for your clients
    • 2 Masterminds geared toward practical client application
    • Practice coaching with COSMO principles during breakouts
    • Opportunity to be coached by colleagues, growing EQ around the “client seat”
    • Dynamic interaction with other seasoned professionals in a collaborative learning environment
    • Wisdom-based understanding for how to help humans grow and achieve in any industry or sector of society
    • Optional one-on-one mentor coaching with facilitators

    Credentialed Professional Development & Certifications

    • A COSMO Certified Leadership Coach Badge & Professional Certificate
    • ICF Professional credit hours: 64 CCEs
      (34 Core & 28 Resource Development)

    Ongoing Professional Development & Support

    • MasterMinds and training to grow your coaching skills and business
    • Practical, strategies to help you apply content
      with real-life clients
    • Potential for multiple revenue streams – through
      COSMO Advantage Affiliations
    • Access to other coaching products and slide decks to amplify your impact
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    • Growing Wisdom-based understanding for how to help humans grow & achieve in any industry or sector of society
    • And so much more


     Sara’s Business Case Study

    These classes are absolutely essential for any leader or coach. You will learn a framework that simply yet powerfully sheds light on the complete process to achieve any desired outcome. This is the best training I have taken in many years. It has changed the trajectory of my personal and professional life. I use it with my clients to help them achieve their goals more quickly and with clear purpose. You do not want to miss this class!

    Sara Barber, DVM

    Co-Founder, Foundation Livestock Services

    COSMO Boosted Sales

    “The COSMO Framework freed me and transformed our business! Prior to COSMO, pitching our services to clients was a bit daunting. However, with the help of the COSMO Framework, we boldly pitched a large service agreement that I wouldn’t have had the confidence to present prior: our client gladly accepted! Now we spare no hesitation in sharing our services and have the framework we need to confidently share with prospective clients.“

    COSMO Enhanced Strategic Planning

    “I planned our intern’s summer roles and responsibilities using COSMO. COSMO helped me start the process by reviewing each critical factor. This led to a detailed plan to assist our company and our intern to succeed.“

    COSMO Transformed Our Team

    “This framework helped transform my team from just a group of people working in a department to a true team collaborating on ideas and solutions. COSMO has helped us find clarity to nagging issues, identify our true purpose, and propel us forward toward the goals we truly want to achieve. We have also seen greater peace and relationships grow between team members because of this process.“

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    This program is for any Professional:

    • Life Coach
    • Leadership Coach
    • HR Leaders
      • Business Coach
      • Advisors
      • Career Counselors
        • Health Coach
        • Consultants
        • Counselors

          Whether you aim for a prosperous business or want to improve your leadership skills to help others succeed, this training is the right fit for you!

          COSMO is a powerful framework on its own, but it’s also a unifying force that brings together other methodologies, systems, and frameworks. In fact, we even use COSMO to enhance personality, communication, and strengths assessments. Check out our gift to you below for an example!

          Free gift:

          Get 5 Simple Steps To Leverage Your Client’s Strengths

          Use COSMO to help individuals and teams activate ALL types of professional development assessments. To see this exemplified with strengths, download your FREE PDF today and start guiding your clients toward success with more ease and greater speed than ever before!

          What ADVANTAGES Does COSMO Offer?


          • Proven through 25 years of use in leadership and coaching circles, and as seen in Nehemiah’s leadership journey
          • Valuable – provides a common language and understanding for everyone
          • Simple, yet Expansive enough to be useful in complex organizations
          • Versatile – a universal, Swiss Army knife of frameworks to use in nearly any situation.

          COSMO is an acronym for a strategic-thinking system, a framework that codifies all human achievement. Anytime individuals are growing or pursuing goals, these 5 categories – CLARITY, OWNERSHIP, STRUCTURE, MOMENTUM, and OUTCOMES – are at play and need to be given thoughtful attention.

          I was blown away after I received the COSMO training manual… I couldn’t believe how expansive and timeless the content was. For both my personal and professional development, this training program and framework was life-changing.

          Gina Lokken

          PCC, GinaMarie Coaching, LLC

          Experience COSMO & The Value It Will Help You Bring To Everyone You Coach Or Lead.

          Our COSMO Advantage team & top-notch COSMO Certified Leaders & Coaches facilitate these trainings.